Du Juan does it again

Just got my hands on the January 2011 edition of VOGUE China featuring the gorgeous Du Juan.  

Below are my 3 favorite pictures of the "A dream come true" spread shot by Trunk Xu. Loving how Juan gracefully holds her head. No wonder... she is a former ballerina. Her bone structure is to die for !

For those of you who aren't familiar with this oriental beauty, she took the modeling industry by storm in 2006 walking for the likes of Chanel & Valentino. Juan was the first Asian Vogue cover girl in 2005.

I cannot help but shake my head @ the hypocrisy of the fashion industry.
I mean 2005 ?! This publication was founded way back in 1892 ! The first black Vogue cover model was Beverly Johnson in 1974 (37 years ago that is). Last time I checked, I found out people of all colors have been living on Earth for quite a while.... Fashion should not be black or white. but then again, that is just utopia... Not everybody thinks everyone is beautiful, sorry Benetton...

 Dear Vogue, any good resolutions on this matter for the upcoming year would be appreciated...

Strike a Pose

I love Vogue, but reading China Vogue makes me feel like I'm illiterate, and buying imported copies of UK Vogue seems like a slippery slope to poverty. I should add I stumbled upon a copy of US Vogue at my local DVD store (all wrapped up in plastic) only to discover when I got it home that somebody had read it before me ... whilst eating chicken. And they had kindly left some of said chicken mashed between the pages: a modern day version of the pressed flower perhaps.

Today it all got too much and I decided to check out the Vogue China site. Here's some of the images that caught my eye: all fashion porn I'm afraid, because I didn't (i.e. couldn't) read a word of print.

Love it. Reminds me of this Lavazza advertisement ...

Too cute!

From the Pirelli calendar 2011, shot by Lagerfeld.

Anna's visit to China. Love Angela's hair. Hate the boots.

Not a clue ...
Pirelli again. Julianne kept her kit on ...

Stunning. Even with a moustache.

Street chic shoot. Love the gilet although it kind of reminds me of Fraggle Rock.

Miss G


Walking down South Huangpi Lu, I randomly stumbled into a Balenciaga private sale! Unfortunately, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to take pictures inside, but they had everything from shoes to bags and clothing. Did I mention it was 60 to 70% off ? YOU READ CORRECTLY.

It's all about networking...

Many of us come across the longest/complicated wireless network names on the regular. You know, the crazy mix of letters and numbers and so on ? For the fifth time in 2 days I have had the most inappropriate network name detected by my "Apple pie". ( click here to check my first Apple post). Below is a screen shot I took for you guys:

"Don't you know old people can have a social life?"

The second instalment of the Shanghai Portraits Project was submitted by Michael Beets, a South African farm-boy who now bases himself in Shanghai.

Meet Michael:

Picture courtesy of CreativeHunt.

I love, love, love this film. Set in a Shanghai apartment, the dialogue takes place between a man and a woman over an evening meal. I counted 7 dishes on the table (!) and thought that maybe I had underestimated the appetite of the elderly, but I learned later on that it's meant to be Chinese New Year. In the film, the woman's daughter is married to the man's son, but in real life this lovely couple are married to each other - I think it shows! The script is great - very realistic and sharply funny. I fell in love with both of them watching this.

Miss G